I don't get to blog a lot, mostly because I have so much in my head to say but can't ever seem to sit down and write it. I have so much to share from this session, but I'm starting with these nudes, everything she did looked like a painting.

Sometimes you just want to feel f*cking sexy. 

Photographer Pamela Nicole specializes in female boudoir photography. Schedule your session in Phoenix Arizona or contact us to book a travel date. 

Phoenix Boudoir Photographer | Bathing Beauty

From a while back, when this beautiful female still lived in Arizona - she has since moved on to Colorado where I'll hopefully have the opportunity to shoot with her again. She was gracious enough to trust me and my vision. The red shoes were a special addition for her 90 year old Grandma - This first shot is one of my all time favorites. 

Rock Your Body - Phoenix Boudoir Photographer

Photographer Pamela Nicole specializes in boudoir photography. Sessions available in our sexy downtown Phoenix studio and wherever you are. Contact us to book your boudoir photography experience today.

Incredible Boudoir Photography Session

I came across Femme Beat on instagram, as a Femme Art follower and was really inspired by her message.  (Not to mention the similar name) 

 Check it out on instagram @femmebeat

Check it out on instagram @femmebeat

I invited her to shoot with me and.... well, as you can see below, she rocked it! And now, we are working on something really exciting together. Stay tuned!

It's time to take a day of and "Treat yo self"


Whether you're running around at work, shuffling kids to activities, or chasing toddlers all day, you can lose your sense of self, your FIRE. You need a break. Scratch that... you DESERVE a break. 

A boudoir photography session is designed to do just that. We help you take time out to... Treat Yo Self! 

Close your eyes. Imagine how it would feel to have someone PAMPER and FOCUS on just YOU for a day. Picture yourself relaxing, refreshing beverage in hand, while your makeup is professionally applied and your hair is styled to just the right degree of sexy. Next, your inhibitions are easily set aside as your inner-model is expertly guided into super-hot poses to capture the experience in a collection of incredibly sexy photos. What would that feel like to have someone focus solely on you? 

The answer in one word... INCREDIBLE!

Taking a day to celebrate you and honor your sexiness reignites your FIRE - that confidence you wear so well when you're out there conquering the world. I want you to feel INCREDIBLE! Experience what Femme Art has to offer. 

Go ahead and Treat Yo Self! 
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I specialize in boudoir photography in the greater Phoenix Arizona area. Sessions start at $350. Please contact me for more details if you would like to shoot.

Three Things to Remember When Choosing Your Boudoir Photography Wardrobe


I wanted to take a pause to share my thoughts on boudoir photoshoot wardrobe with you.  I get a ton of inquiries from perspective clients looking at a variety of different boudoir photographers to book with, and while I think that is extremely important to do your research and find a photographer that speaks to your artistic vision, you also need to pay attention to which details will mean the most to your boudoir photography experience.

Wardrobe is one of those details. I have always struggled with how many outfits to allow during my sessions because I want to be focusing on YOU and not your "costume". Ideally I would like to suggest you just show up with a bra and panty and a loose tank from the back of your closet - or whatever you have on for that matter!  We can make sexy photos with just you and some light. That being said, I recognize it is part of the fun of boudoir to wear something that makes your feel fucking sexy and confident.  And so, while picking out your boudoir photography wardrobe, please keep in mind these three things:

1.  Think about what you already have the makes you feel incredibly sexy.  Go through your closet and drawers and pull pieces that you know you're going to feel comfortable being sexy in.

2.  If you venture out to shop for something new and sexy - don't get stuck looking at lingerie you think you are supposed to wear for a boudoir photoshoot - think about what flatters your incredible body.  The last thing you want to do is show up with a corset or stockings that you don't love but thought you had to wear for a boudoir shoot.

3.  Less is more.  You absolutely don't have to bring 3 outfits just because you can. I can do a 2 hour session with just one outfit and still create an incredible collection of images for you to choose from.   

If you're having trouble choosing outfits - bring a bunch and I am more than happy to look at them with you and determine which looks work best for our purposes. Your package will include 1-5+ outfits, but I am always flexible with more or less - there are no absolutes. 



boudoir photography - beautiful movement

I wanted it to feel like a dream, like the memory of a night that comes back in flashes in your mind, and you can't get it out of your head. 

Boudoir Photographer Pamela Nicole specializes in creating incredibly artful and sexy photographs of women in Phoenix, Arizona or wherever you are.  Send us a note to book your intimate lifestyle photoshoot today. 

Boudoir Photography - Downtown Phoenix

There's something so sexy about shooting boudoir at a downtown hotel. It feels a little naughty and secretive - and you can't beat the views. 

Book your downtown phoenix boudoir photography session now - I promise we'll make something smokin' hot together.

Phoenix Maternity Boudoir Photographer

This gorgeous human.  And of course the one she's carrying.  Thank you. 

Thinking of scheduling a maternity boudoir photography session? Contact me today - I would love to create some gorgeous images of you!  I am available in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Tempe area as well as all over Arizona for Pregnancy boudoir - and maternity photography!

5 Ways you can feel sexier right now!

At Femme Art Boudoir, we are passionate about making you feel like the beautiful, strong, confident woman you are. It's not just about attracting someone, real sexiness is the confidence that makes you feel smarter, funnier, sexier and empowered in every area of your life. Here are a few ways to be a bit more like that everyday.

Spread the love and send this to a woman in your life who could use a little extra SEXY! 

It's Getting Hot in Here - NSFW Hot

Some of my

favorite seconds

on earth are the

seconds filled with

 my lips spilled upon

your collarbone and

my hair nestled into

your fist

       -Christopher Poindexter

Boudoir photography will empower you.  Contact me to book your boudoir session.  

Welcome to the new Femme Art Boudoir photography blog!

Things are getting HOT in here - like NSFW hot.  I am taking Femme Art to the next level and offering an incredibly sexy experience to all my clients, old and new.  You can stay up to date with everything going on over here including special projects and my current work.  If you've already shot with me, take a look at some of my new work - I would LOVE the opportunity to work with you again creating more provocative photographs for you and your lover. If this is your first visit, have a look around and then send me a note to book your luxury boudoir photography experience!

***Note*** The OLD BLOG is still available if you want to check out our old look + some hot babes and a ton of information to help you with your boudoir photography session.