Whether you're running around at work, shuffling kids to activities, or chasing toddlers all day, you can lose your sense of self, your FIRE. You need a break. Scratch that... you DESERVE a break. 

A boudoir photography session is designed to do just that. We help you take time out to... Treat Yo Self! 

Close your eyes. Imagine how it would feel to have someone PAMPER and FOCUS on just YOU for a day. Picture yourself relaxing, refreshing beverage in hand, while your makeup is professionally applied and your hair is styled to just the right degree of sexy. Next, your inhibitions are easily set aside as your inner-model is expertly guided into super-hot poses to capture the experience in a collection of incredibly sexy photos. What would that feel like to have someone focus solely on you? 

The answer in one word... INCREDIBLE!

Taking a day to celebrate you and honor your sexiness reignites your FIRE - that confidence you wear so well when you're out there conquering the world. I want you to feel INCREDIBLE! Experience what Femme Art has to offer. 

Go ahead and Treat Yo Self! 
Schedule your boudoir session in 2017.


I specialize in boudoir photography in the greater Phoenix Arizona area. Sessions start at $350. Please contact me for more details if you would like to shoot.