I wanted to reach out and say thank you for the beautiful shots you took of my wife. I always knew she was beautiful but I was literally speechless when I saw these images. It was the very best anniversary gift that I could have ever imagined.
— Mr. B
Pamela Nicole isn’t just a photographer she is a true artist, whether she is photographing my family or myself. I finally decided to have her take pictures of me for an anniversary gift for my husband, and what she creates is truly amazing. Halfway through the photo-shoot, which was actually fun, I realized I wasn’t even thinking about whether I was sucking in my stomach because I just felt beautiful and I was having a good time. I just trusted her and my trust was not misplaced, the resulting photos are exactly what I was looking for. I’m sure my husband will be speechless. Really, it ended up not just being a gift for him, but for me as well.
— Mrs. B
I was so nervous to take these photos for my fiancé because like all women, I have a list of insecurities that I definitely didn’t want documented in lingerie. Pamela made me feel so comfortable from the moment I got to the hotel and she produced some of the most beautiful images I have ever seen. Her work is both artistic and sexy and you will absolutely love the way you look in her photographs. I took mine early with the intention of saving them for my fiancé until our wedding but I couldn’t wait! The look on his face was priceless and he absolutely loved them! His mouth fell to the floor and when he picked it up, he couldn’t stop talking about them and flipping through the album. It was a reaction and smile I’ll never forget.
— Mrs. V
Pamela Nicole is fabulous!!! She is truly an amazing artist. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she made me feel and look. I was a little nervous before having my photos done, but she is so personable that I felt comfortable right away. She is absolutely professional, but still made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My fiancee LOVED the gift, especially when he saw how much thought and time was put into it. I would recommend her to anyone!!!
— Julie
Today was finally the big day! It seems forever ago but it was worth the wait!! He absolutely LOVED his book! It was soo much fun I wish I could do it again. You are both amazing and I (we) thank you!! We have been together for about 10 years, I told him “it’s the little black he never had and the ONLY black book he’ll Ever need!”
Working with Pamela was an absolute pleasure! From the minute I walked into the room, she put me at ease and made the experience more like a chat with a friend than a photo shoot. Feeling beautiful when you’re near the end of a pregnancy isn’t always easy, but Pamela made me feel that way during the shoot. Not to mention, her talent is incredible. I am in love with my photos and can’t wait to see our newborn portraits!
— Kelly
I wasn’t sure what to expect or what was required to do this type of photo shoot and she was great at guiding me thru the process. I am so impressed with her amazing talent to capture such beautiful photographs. It was such a fun and thrilling experience I hope to do another shoot in the near future!
— Jan
Thank you so much! I can’t believe you got these photos to me already. They are wonderful. I am amazed that it’s ME in those photos. Today was unreal. I had such a great time. Linda is fabulous. You are an artist with an eye for beauty that is begging to be captured. I am so looking forward to seeing everything.
— Tish
When I got the final pictures, I truly had a verklempt (Yiddish for overcome with emotion) moment. I will cherish these pictures as well as, a friendship I had cultivated with Pamela.
— Mrs. S
Pamela Nicole is absolutely an amazing photographer who has a talent for capturing beautiful images through photography. I approached the photo session with much apprehension because I was worried about feeling vulnerable and exposed. However, as soon as I met Pam, she made me feel at ease and comfortable. When we were finished with hair and makeup, I couldn’t believe the woman in the mirror was me!! Aside from the day I married my husband, I have never felt more beautiful in my life. She has such a talent and an eye for letting the personality of the model speak through her images. Every picture she takes is special and there is nothing run of the mill about it. I would highly recommend her to any woman who wants her boudoir photos to both sexy and classy. Thank you for such an incredible experience Pam!!
— Dayna Guilbeault
I cannot praise Pamela and her work enough! During the shoot Pamela made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. She helped guide me in posing and made me feel like a model! I left the shoot feeling like a million dollars. When I got my first samples back I was stunned. I had expected them to turn out nice because they were done by a professional but I had no idea how amazing they would turn out. I did not even recognize myself in some of the pictures because I wasn’t used to seeing myself as a sexy confident woman. But, because Pamela helped me feel sexy during the shoot and because she is so good at what she does, the pictures turned out even better than I could have ever imagined. Originally, the pictures were intended to be a gift for my future husband but to my surprise they ended up being a gift to myself as well. It was a very empowering experience!
— Mrs. L