Website Update - Phoenix Boudoir Studio

Hello there! I've updated my website a bit here and decided to scratch my previous blog and start fresh. If you're new to my boudoir site, please have a look around, check out the boudoir gallery and the Info section to learn more about me and my work. I'm just going to jump right in here!

Although I have a gorgeous boudoir studio in downtown Phoenix, sometimes I just like to get outside. Before it got too hot here in the Arizona desert, Emily and I ventured out into the Salt River area with a couple sheer, loose dresses to make some art. (Side note: Sheer + button up equals super sexy boudoir wardrobe!!)

I shoot boudoir with so many different women, but I also work on personal creative photography projects for myself. Emily is a professional model that I work with from time to time. She is definitely my muse and I love creating art with her. She is also my private editor, helping all of my boudoir clients look their best - and she's damn good at that too.  I will be adding a Fine Art Nude gallery/print shop to this site soon and you can view more of my work with Emily there. 

On a side note: The water was f*cking COLD! Emily was amazing though, as usual, roughing it on the sharp rocks because neither one of was prepared for walking on them - you would never know it. She poses with such grace and beauty and the light adores her.