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Here's to looking sexy without even trying | Phoenix Boudoir Studio

Have I told you guys how incredibly sexy my boudoir clients are? How they can rock stilettos and look HOT as fuck without even trying?  Well it's true.

"I was fortunate enough to land upon Femme Art Boudoir when searching online for a boudoir photographer.  I am so grateful I did!  What a fantastic, beyond amazing, comfortable, sexy shoot we had!!" 
"I immediately felt at ease with Pamela when we met for the first time.  I knew I was in good hands and I knew my pictures were going to be amazing!  The day of the shoot.....both Pamela and her makeup artist, Linda were excellent.  "
I am beyond happy I did this for myself and my husband.  The tears of joy from my husband were worth every penny!  Thank you!!!  

I love it when my client's book shoots for themselves! I'm looking forward to round 2 babe!

I am hoping to start blogging more my client's full sessions and their boudoir experience, stay tuned for more and let me know if you would like your phoenix boudoir photography session featured!

Self Love Through Boudoir Photography

"You sent me my photos and what I saw skyrocketed my confidence. You helped a negative time in my life become positive and I’ve been told from the people around me, that they have noticed a confidence change in me and can see that doing these photos has made me happier. You really have no idea what this meant to me and I will forever be grateful that you helped me and went above and beyond."

Again and again, I hear things like this from my clients. Boudoir photography is a transformational experience and the feelings expressed above are incredibly empowering in the work that I do. So much of our day to day is focused on others, our children, our significant others, or family and friends. We waste endless amounts of time scrolling through other people's lives and we forget that sometimes

We need to focus on ourselves in order to give our best to those around us!

I am shifting some of my focus into creating a boudoir experience that goes beyond the photo-shoot, deeper into your daily life to create lasting positive change in the way that you see yourself. 

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Website Update - Phoenix Boudoir Studio

Hello there! I've updated my website a bit here and decided to scratch my previous blog and start fresh. If you're new to my boudoir site, please have a look around, check out the boudoir gallery and the Info section to learn more about me and my work. I'm just going to jump right in here!

Although I have a gorgeous boudoir studio in downtown Phoenix, sometimes I just like to get outside. Before it got too hot here in the Arizona desert, Emily and I ventured out into the Salt River area with a couple sheer, loose dresses to make some art. (Side note: Sheer + button up equals super sexy boudoir wardrobe!!)

I shoot boudoir with so many different women, but I also work on personal creative photography projects for myself. Emily is a professional model that I work with from time to time. She is definitely my muse and I love creating art with her. She is also my private editor, helping all of my boudoir clients look their best - and she's damn good at that too.  I will be adding a Fine Art Nude gallery/print shop to this site soon and you can view more of my work with Emily there. 

On a side note: The water was f*cking COLD! Emily was amazing though, as usual, roughing it on the sharp rocks because neither one of was prepared for walking on them - you would never know it. She poses with such grace and beauty and the light adores her.